Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dipatches from the medical front

My immersion the VA system has its bright sides. Most of the female staff with the exception of the Asian Indian staffers speak somewhat like they're out of "Fargo" typecasting and are as relentlessly cheerful.

Two incidents today gave me some grim joy. The first was an elderly cranky guy with a prostate procedure on the books who wanted reassurance that he wouldn't be immobilized for longer that 24 hours because he was in charge of NASA and the Federal Security Agnecy -- both of which he had originally "established." He was reassured that his duties would be covered before being wheeled off to lahlah land, but not before good naturedly warning a nurse who greeted him, "Hands off, toots! I'm spoken for."

The second came after I was being discharged for a test (negative) to see if my colon tumor was "communicating" with the bladder. "What are they talking about?" I asked the surgeon. "Invading Poland?" Apparently not and as the nurse was giving me my discharge orders she noted "No sex for 24 hours" No problem, I thought. A strange distant concpt anyway, this "sex."


john said...

Hope all is going well. At least you only have 2 months until the snow finally melts upstate!

davesgonechina said...

You might be able to make a tidy sum selling tin foil and ham radio gear outside the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Hello Justin,
I enjoy your posts, I have read all your posts the last five years. I was in Shenzhen in 2006 with my chinese wife and so the interest.
VA blood test said my PSA level was high. I'm 63, Wow!, hard to write that big number. I Was supposed to go get tested for colon cancer, but after googling about the tests, decided not to go past the blood test. Maybe I will change my mind, not sure.

Would you rather be in China or US?

Take care, Ken

Chris said...

Hi Justin,

I am writing from VBS.TV, an online broadcasting system that creates short documentaries on topics ranging from humanitarianism to environmentalism.

We recently discovered a story about kept women and prostitutes in China. Through some research we discovered an article that you wrote for "The Standard" a few years ago.

We are looking to travel to China and talk with some people with some first hand experience. For instance your article featured a 36 year old pimp named Zhao. If you know any information on how to get in contact with him, someone like him, or at least point us in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

You can email me back at:

Thank you.


Justin said...

Hi Ken,
Simple question. I'd rather be in China any day and once I have this situation more under control and surgery, I intend to return asap.
Thanks for reading...