Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Pubic" enemy gets fair 'warming'

Yesterday afternoon I received this e-mail.

Subject: To warm you Monday, February 23, 2009 10:48 PM
From: "Wang Xie"
To: XXXXX (me)


This to notice you that your name has been flied with China Pubic Secreitry Bureau to watch for blog.


Presumably, it's from the same scrotum-breath troll featured previously. But I gotta hand it to him. The Chinglish is flawless, including "Michel" for Mitchell and "Pubic" for "Public." But as a pal more versed in China, blogging, trolls et al than I noted when I forwarded it to him for amusement and scrutiny replied: "(It's) a troll who's ... typing Chinglish one-handed because his "Pubic Security Bureau" is busy keeping his microdick locked down. Don't take it personally -- his email address suggests he does a lot of trolling of this type."


Peter said...

You're pubic enemy number one Justin :-)

wgj said...

That mail is just hilarious. I seriously suspect it to be a joke, for it could not have been any funnier had it been written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

john said...

Knowing you for ughhh 45 years I think that maybe he is not kidding.

I bet you need to be monitored by the Pubic Security Bureau!

Ben said...

Blogging in pubic like you do makes you a target for whatever crackpot feels like venting his spleen. I think it takes a tougher hide than I've got to put oneself in the spitlight of public opinion.

In the "you can never go home" department, and you may have mentioned this a while back, but it's official, The Rocky Mountain Spotted News is no more.

It's like so many bands that we've left; they just didn't have the will to go on without us...just thought you'd want to know if you didn't already.

Keep up the blogging.

Chuck said...

Bad news Justin. They didn't even get fair warming on this one.

Rocky Mountain News to Publish Final Edition Tomorrow (Update2)
Email | Print | A A A

By Greg Bensinger

Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) -- The Rocky Mountain News, Colorado’s oldest newspaper, will put out its final edition tomorrow after publisher E.W. Scripps Co. failed to find a buyer.

Scripps began seeking offers for the 150-year-old Denver daily in December after declining advertising sales made the publication its only unprofitable newspaper. Shutting down the Rocky, which lost $16 million last year, leaves the Denver Post as the city’s only major newspaper.

The closure signals other publishers seeking to sell newspapers, including Hearst Corp. and Gannett Co., may have difficulty finding buyers. Hearst and Gannett said they may shut down their respective San Francisco Chronicle and Tucson Citizen, in Arizona, if they can’t sell the publications.

“This is not a good time to try to sell a newspaper,” said John Morton, president of Morton Research Inc. in Silver Spring, Maryland. “This deep recession for newspapers doesn’t make these particularly compelling properties to buyers.”

Scripps, based in Cincinnati, will turn over its 50 percent stake in an eight-year-old joint operating agreement with MediaNews Group Inc., owner the Denver Post. Scripps, which bought the Rocky in 1926, had attempted to sell the stake along with the newspaper.

Employees will remain on the payroll until April 28, Scripps said. The Rocky Mountain News won four Pulitzer Prizes in the past decade, according to a statement on its Web site.

San Francisco Chronicle

Tim King, a Scripps spokesman, wasn’t immediately available for comment.

The only party to express interest didn’t make a strong enough offer, Scripps said in a statement today. The deadline for submissions expired in mid-January.

Hearst said Feb. 24 it may close the San Francisco Chronicle if it can’t find a buyer “within weeks” and said last month it may shutter the Seattle Post-Intelligencer or turn it into a Web- only operation if it’s not sold by March. Gannett set a March 21 deadline to unload the Tucson Citizen.

Scripps dropped 10 cents to $1.08 at 2:30 p.m. in New York Stock Exchange composite trading. The shares had fallen 47 percent this year before today.

Anonymous said...


We your fear pubic show?

Anonymous said...

I am Wang,

You Pubic Securaty is danger. Soon to have the visa.

Be warmed by Zhang, who is making big nose on you.

Stuart said...

It's kind of sad, but I'm afraid the traditional newspaper in America is dead and just doesn't know it yet.

Hongmedia said...

Good for you Justin! Do you remember the beer I bought you at the FCC in Hong Kong. If you are not being re-educated somewhere, I will buy you another beer when I am in Beijing again in June.

Anonymous said...

Hey plagiaristic fatass. Only a "Wangker" would fall for that one. I'm sure your alcoholic paranoia was at play.

I noticed another post of yours that alleges you are the "chief foreign expert" at your latest (in a long line of failed) gig. Are you sure that's your title? Why always the "first" and "only" and "chief?" Little self-esteem problem?

Really, you should tell the truth Justin, hard as it is for you to cut through the fog in your brain to see it.

Justin said...

I love this guy!

Okay, where, exactly have I ever described myself seriously as a "chief foreign expert" anywhere in this mess?

I can't imagine doing it except for tongue-in-cheek purposes, but as you point out, yeah, I could've had a few too many before posting. However, I'm soberly giving you this one to play out. Show me.

And I believe my only "first" is this gig. Though I was part of a first place mile relay team in high school, once.

But I'll stand corrected if you really want to take the time to comb through it all.

I am becoming flattered you pay this much attention to me. It does my self-esteem wonders. Thanks, skank!

Anonymous said...

How 'bout this one from Jan. 15?

" Justin Mitchell said:

Hey John,
Good to see (virtually) see you here, though the circumstances truly break my heart - despite my checkered career and ignoble exit from the Rocky. Thanks for Way Back Machine memory. I also recall the Ode to Plutonium poem in the Rocky and thinking it was some kinda small miracle or maybe hip in-house prankster stunt.
You might find some dark humor in the fact that I’m about to be the “chief foreign expert” for a (State owned) English start-up paper in Beijing. I’ve found there isn’t much difference between working for commie/socialist bosses in China and Scripps and if the big miracle doesn’t happen (I truly hope it does) we’re looking for “native English speaking” copy editors.
Hang in and be well amigo."

..'nuff said.

Justin said...

The key words in my challenge were "where, exactly have I ever described myself seriously as a "chief foreign expert" anywhere in this mess?" With an emphasis on the word "seriusly" followed later by "tongue in cheek."

"In this mess" referred to the blog that you seem to take an increasingly unhealthy interest in for something that has exactly 1 registered subscriber and a handful of regular readers.

So failing to find it in the blog from hell, you pull a comment I wrote to John Enslin from the Save Our Rocky blog? One intended to be both sincerely sympathetic as well as slightly self deprecating on my part (note the quote marks, though it is technically my job title here, and not one I throw around a lot - really, honest to gawd I don't take it seriously. When asked straight up I say I am a copy editor.)

That's the absolute loving best you can do? Nothing at all from a low-rent, old school blog that offends you so much?

Pathetic. You're outta here. Banned for life. Go out and get one. Case closed. Jury finds for the defendant.

Matthew said...

Isn't the Pubic Secreitry Bureau responsible for the laughable physical exam needed to apply for a residence permit? Better watch out, never know what they're using those x-ray machines for.