Friday, March 4, 2011

Back in the USSA

To condense a long story, I came back to the USSA for hernia surgery at the Syracuse VA hospital (my sister lives here so I can stay with her and the VA is good, not like in "Born on the 4th of July") but was urged to undergo some other tests that "men and women over 50" should do and I hadn't and it turns out I have colon cancer.

Who knew? I didn't - no symptoms, overt, at least - which is a good thing as it is still in early stages I guess. So I wont start shopping for a designer virgin Spanish calf skin Rolling Stones colostomy bag yet.

Anyway, Im gonna be here for a few more months at least with stints at another va facility in fabulous Albany for chemo and radiation etc. My unintended tour of upstate NY continues...

At least there are good herbal connections here so I can use those to stave off the nausea. No medical m here.

And I didnt have to undergo what is literally called "an occult blood test" - no idea what it is but it was briefly mentioned and I imagined a dark hooded and shrouded "Balthazar, Lord of 10,000 Demons" coming into the examining room with candles to shove a crucifix up my ass while reciting the Lord's Prayer backwards or something.

So it well and eat lots of fiber, my friends.


Chuck said...

Justin. Prayers with you my friend. Take care of yourself.

john said...

feel better my friend!

Peter said...

Good recovery Justin.

Seems life never goes the way we plan. Everyone tells me to roll with it, and it will be easier, but sure haven't worked for me yet. Hope it does for you. Get well soon.